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This Hiss from Hell Only Women Hear


Here is the antidote for radical feminism: an exposé of church traditions that portray God as the chauvinist whom feminists love to hate. Wrong teaching shrivels spiritual fruit. Women are oppressed by traditions that inhibit their service, make them feel less loved than men, and discourage spiritual dominion. Bruised women gravitate to the alleged positive message of radical feminism, which lifts women up but on a faulty foundation. Ms. Welch explains how she listened to Satan’s lies for two decades, how uncertainty of God’s love for women and the importance of their work for the Kingdom sullied her image of a loving father, and how women can be set free by the truth of God’s Word. 

Ginny's Books

The Lesson

 Gina went off to college and came home with Michael, the cool, rich law  student who made her Italian-American family proud. Now Michael has  dumped her, her parents are barely speaking to her, and she’s dating a  blind chemist twice her age. But those are just her little problems.  Tonight she opened her door to a stranger who followed her home from a  meeting. Destiny or idiocy? He seemed like a nice, ordinary guy. Of  course, they say the same thing about serial killers. Can a starry-eyed  co-ed recast her expectations of the kind of guy who will make her  happy? Does God have a sense of humor? Inspirational romantic comedy  based on a true story that will leave you convinced that an enduring  romance is possible no matter how quirky its humble beginnings. 

Crazy Woman Creek


James Rose rode into the unforgiving darkness of the Wyoming prairie one stormy night and did not return. When the rancher's horse is found tied to a tree on the banks of the icy North-East Creek three days later, his wife Lenora insists that her beloved can't possibly be dead. He is too capable a horseman to slip and fall into a rushing creek. But everyone in the little town of Buffalo believes he drowned.

Not quite everyone. To Deputy Luke Davies, the beautiful widow's account of the events of that night provokes more questions than answers. Why is she so sure her husband did not perish in the wilderness? Why is she vague about the events that happened just before he rode off? What is she hiding? And who has been sneaking onto her property at night to harass her, and why?

Months pass; Rose's body doesn't surface. Lenora learns that the government will presume abandonment and confiscate her homestead if she cannot provide a certificate of death. But that's only a part of her trial by fire. Once Lenora becomes the main suspect in the homicide investigation, the town gossip mill turns from the missing rancher to the very attentive, very eligible young deputy and the lonely rancher's wife. As wild stories of murder and madness circulate around Buffalo, Luke and Lenora realize their growing attraction for one another. But without a body, Luke is frustrated by desire and Lenora is tortured by doubt. Is she truly a widow, or is her angry husband trying to teach her a lesson as some believe? Inspirational western romance set in Wyoming Territory 1880.

What to Do When the Blessings Stop


How do you counsel the Christian who never succeeds? Who loses home, business, family? Do you tell him to pray more? Study more? Keep up the positive confession? Is God angry? What hope do you offer? Or is this person you? Do you look back and remember a time, unlike now, when God’s blessings were a daily experience? Have you endured so many calamities that it seems as if an unseen force is arrayed against you, opposing you at every turn? If you’re beginning to believe that God has boxed you in, your problem may be famine, a spiritual rod God uses to correct. 

What to Do When the Blessings Stop – When God Sends Famine provides guidance to help Christians recognize the signs of spiritual famine outlined in the Book of Haggai. We’re not talking here about routine trials and tribulations that we all must endure. No, this is about the hitting-the-wall aspect of spiritual famine: when nothing you do prospers. What to Do When will teach you how to recognize spiritual famine in your life, the difference between spiritual famine and ordinary faith trials, how and why God sends famine, and what steps you must take to break its crushing effects off your life.

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