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This Hiss from Hell Only Women Hear

God made you female on purpose. You are called to dominion, and your dreams are valid. God gave them to you, along with the ability, authority, and supply required to fulfill them.  

But that’s not the hiss from Hell that Christian women have heard for centuries. 

Ms. Welch exposes Satan’s lies and delivers the antidote to radical feminism by examining church traditions that portray God as the chauvinist whom feminists love to hate. Even now, fifty years after the women’s movement, women are still inhibited by church traditions that discourage their service, make them feel less loved than men, and thwart spiritual dominion. Ms. Welch explains how she listened to the devil’s lies for nearly two decades, how uncertainty of God’s love and women’s importance to the work of the Kingdom sullied her image of a loving Father, and how you can be set free to fulfill your spiritual destiny based on God’s Word.

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The Lesson


It’s too late. He’s standing in her apartment. How will she get herself out of this one?  

Gina went off to college and came home with Michael, the cool, rich law student who made her Italian-American family proud.  Now Michael has dumped her, her parents are barely speaking to her, and she’s dating a blind chemist twice her age.

But those are just her little problems. Tonight she opened her door to a stranger, a wise-cracking sailor who brashly followed her home from a meeting. Destiny or idiocy? She shouldn’t have opened her door to a man she didn’t know, but in those clueless polyester pants, surely he was just another harmless geek.   

Of course, they say the same thing about serial killers.   

If you liked the movie, “Only You” with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr., you’ll love how Gina chases Mr. Right while trying to shake off Mr. Wrong. Click now to buy this inspirational romantic comedy based on a true story.

Crazy Woman Creek


Lenora has six months. Just six months before a Wyoming sheriff declares her husband dead, her homestead abandoned, and the government takes everything. Years of sweat and savings are in that dirt. Did he really abandon her when he rode off into the night? Or is he dead, like everyone in Buffalo believes? How long should she wait for him? And if he never comes home…  Lenora insists he’s alive. 

But to calculating Deputy Luke Davies, the fetching young wife’s account of the events of that night provokes more questions than answers.  She is not telling all she knows. The facts don’t add up.  The body doesn’t turn up.  Could a slight little lady kill a grown man and hide the evidence?  More important: Is the lovely Lenora now a widow and free to marry, or is she still bound to that arrogant joke of a rancher?  

Join the gossips of Buffalo and savor the budding relationship of the frustrated deputy and the angry little lady who won’t take no for an answer. Old West page turner and inspirational western romance set in Wyoming Territory, 1880.

What to Do When the Blessings Stop


How do you counsel the Christian who never succeeds?  Who loses home, business, family? Do you tell this poor soul to pray more? Study more? Keep up the positive confession? Is God angry? What hope do you offer?   

Or is this person you? Do you look back and remember a time, unlike now, when God’s blessings were a daily experience? Have you endured so many calamities that it seems as if an unseen force is arrayed against you, opposing you at every turn?   

If you’re beginning to believe that God has boxed you in, your problem may be famine, a spiritual rod God uses to correct. What to Do When the Blessings Stop – When God Sends Famine provides guidance to help Christians recognize the signs of spiritual famine outlined in the Book of Haggai. We’re not talking here about routine trials and tribulations that we all must endure. No, this is about the hitting-the-wall aspect of spiritual famine: when nothing  you do prospers. 

What to Do When will teach you how to recognize spiritual famine in your life, the difference between spiritual famine and ordinary faith trials, how and why God sends famine, and what steps you must take to break its crushing effects off your life.   

Order your copy today and get ready for God’s blessings to flow again in your life.

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