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What readers are saying about The Lesson:

 “Fun and poignant read.”

“I highly recommend it!! Just couldn't put it down because it was not  only enjoyable but also a captivating and heart-warming story wrapped  with some very relevant and wise insights into human nature - all  encompassed by detailed descriptive writing and a delightful and  serendipitous sense of humor.”

“I didn't want it to end...[A] wonderfully written book... [a] journey  through a time gone by in a world that has changed so very much. What a  delight is this enchanting story of love finding itself between two  people who were so different, yet destined to live their lives  together.”

“I could hardly put this book down once I started reading it. The  characters and places just came alive for me...exceptionally well  written!”

“A Heartwarming Adventure! I was so captivated by the story and the message it was hard to put it down.”

“Cute, playful. A light hearted read that was very enjoyable. Innocent but romantic.”

“I'm looking forward to reading Virginia's next novel Crazy Woman Creek. I can't wait.”

“I found this new have great skill in crafting a love story  that both warmed my heart on one level, and on an entirely different  level caused me to do some serious soul-searching about faith and God's  wisdom. I look forward to more from Ms.

What readers are saying about Crazy Woman Creek:

 "This  was a well-development novel with complicated characters that stay with  you long after the book ends. The whole story has a very realistic feel  to it, and I caught no grammatical errors. It is pretty clean with no  sex scenes and a tiny scattering of curse words that actually seemed to  fit where they were used. The descriptions were often too lengthy for  me, but they were very well-written. I found myself drawn in, and I  really cared about what happened to Luke and Lenora."

"Virginia Welch is a descriptive writer with an knack for making you  feel like you are right there alongside the story line. She weaves a  tale of intrigue interlaced with wise lessons about life. Her writing  style makes you feel the emotions of the people in the story and leaves  you doing everything from having pity for Mrs. Rose to chuckling over  the colloquialisms She peaks your interest on every page. I didn't want  to stop reading and kept promising myself, "Just one more chapter and  I'll go to sleep!" Highly recommend this book, and "The Lesson," another  well-written fiction title by Ms. Welch. Looking forward to more of  this talented author's future books!!"

"Virginia Welch is a wonderful storyteller. She develops her characters  so well you feel you know them personally. Her descriptive writing style  allows you to sense every detail and she keeps you turning the pages to  uncover the mysteries woven through to the very end. This book should  be made into a Hallmark movie! I hope she will write the continuing saga  of Luke and Lenore."

"Set in the 1880's on the Wyoming praires, Crazy Women Creek by Virginia  Hull Welch is a historical look back to a time when women weren't  repected and the times were rough. The book is a wonderful read, with  just enough mystery and romance to keep you turning the pages."

"The book was great. It kept me guessing right up to the end. I also  enjoyed the western theme. I would recommend crazy woman creek to anyone  who enjoys romantic mysteries." 
"It was an enjoyable read. It was also well written. The last story I  read by Virginia Welch (The Lesson) kept me turning pages, unable to put  the story down until I finished. I had the same experience with this  book. I highly recommend it."  

What readers are saying about What to Do When the Blessings Stop

"What  a tremendous book! As a Christian reader who is never without books on  my faith, I must say that this book is among my favorites. It reads  smoothly and logically and is highly substantiated by Biblical text."

You can tell she (author) is a strong Christian who has lived through  this stuff. This is an amazing teaching book. Everybody should have this  book even if they are not going through hard times. It will help  prepare them for when hard times do come."

"The ultimate message of "What To Do When The Blessings Stop" is that  God is in control. He sends the famine, and then He delivers you from  your personal famine be it spiritual, physical or financial. What the  book teaches is how understand and identify why God sent the famine,  there is always a reason, the importance of repentance or turning away  from those things that caused God to send the famine, how to offer  acceptable sacrifices including fasting and financial gifts, and how to  put God's work first in order to be delivered from the famine that has  come your way."