On the Road

January - April 2018

We are in Newburg, Md. helping two new moms while I work on a fourth book, a fictional romance set in the California Gold Rush. Two young sisters are marooned amid a horde of sex-starved miners after a stranger swindles them out of their money.


Washington, N.C.; Paducah, Ky.; Stone Lake, Wisc.; St. Ignace, Mich.; Rangeley, Maine

Mobile Office

Many have asked about the writing trailer and requested photos. The trailer is 16 ft long, 7 ft wide. I use it as an office while I travel the United States with my husband. It is equipped with 1" insulation; finished, light reflecting walls; rubber floor for comfort, cushioning, and sound reduction; heat; AC; six outlets; four shop lights; two writing stations; trailer-wide cutting table; custom built-in cabinetry; and multiple pieces of office equipment. It is cramped, especially compared to the big office I gave up to go on the road. See photos below. We caravan around the country, my husband driving the RV and pulling the trailer. I drive the SUV. The most common question I receive about this arrangement: How much for a snow cone? LOL. Actually, what I hear the most is: Do we pay two campground fees? Never. The trailer gets electric from the RV, unless I need AC or heat. In such case I find an alternate hookup, usually an empty campsite, and ask to pay a small fee to hook up to electric. I have never paid more than $5 per day for electricity, and sometimes I get it for no charge. We took this route because we wanted to travel but I refused to give up my office in "retirement." I need a quiet place to write. It has turned out to be a great investment. I have my morning prayer time in the trailer and it gives my husband some quiet in the RV to do paperwork, read, or nap. I don't regret the cost.