About Ginny

Early Years

Ginny was born at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, the second of four daughters of Carl and Mary Hull. When she was about eight months old her father was transferred to Ft Eustis, Va.; the family lived nearby in a small brick rambler in Lee Hall. In 1962 Mr. Hull retired from the Army and the family relocated to Santa Clara, Calif. to be near her mother’s clan in San Francisco. The Hulls purchased a new home in the Killarney Farms suburban development, where Ginny was raised. Her father found work as a mail carrier at the Santa Clara Post Office. Her mother was hired by Santa Clara Unified School District as a secretary. Ginny attended now-closed Emil R. Buchser High School. She majored in English at Santa Clara University, married, and then earned a Master of Communications at California State University, Chico, where she also taught a business writing course. While at CSUC in 1982 she sold her first freelance article to a small secretarial career magazine, earning just enough to pay for two steak dinners―but not the champagne or tip.    

During the next twenty years she followed her FBI agent husband around the United States, writing freelance articles for various publications and taking on all types of contract editing assignments. She brought four children into the world during that time, two boys and two girls. While her husband was stationed in Birmingham, Ala. she contracted as a weekly freelance foods writer for the Birmingham News. Also in Birmingham she served a short stint (before her husband was transferred again) as associate editor in the crafts division at Oxmoor House, the book publishing arm of Sunset/Southern Living magazine. Above: Standing in front of her Sicilian grandparents' San Francisco home, around 1965.

Recent Years

In 1991 her husband’s job took the family to the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area, where Ginny made the switch to technical editing and writing but continued to dream of producing something with a larger reach. In 2005 she was inspired to write The Lesson, an inspirational romantic comedy based on her own wacky falling-in-love story. On the night she met her husband he really did follow her home from a Bible study without her knowledge, stunning her by presenting himself at her apartment door.     

In 2006 Ginny followed her husband’s government transfer one final time when the family moved to Virginia Beach, Va. There Ginny wrote Crazy Woman Creek. This western romance was inspired by a cross-country car trip in 1999 when she came upon a highway sign marking the bizarrely named creek that stretches over the northeast corner of Wyoming. When Ginny learned that no one really knew the story behind the strange name, she decided to write one. Ginny’s nonfiction book, What to Do When the Blessings Stop – When God Sends Famine, required several years to write, mostly because Ginny’s time was occupied with child-raising. Above: Wedding day in the Mt. View, Calif. gymnasium described in The Lesson.


Ginny sold her Virginia Beach home and left her full-time corporate writing job in Feb. 2017. Now she spends her time writing and quilting from a mobile office pulled behind an RV as she and her husband travel the United States. She spends as much time as possible with her three surviving children and many grandchildren.